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外贸 函电中常常会用到的,用于建立业务关系的 英语 句子:

1.Having obtained/had your name and adress from……


2.On the recommended to us by……


3.Your name was given to us by……

4.We have learned from……


5.We are one of the leading importers/exporters of……


6.We are one of the representative importers/exporters …… 我们是……的代表。

7.See if we can establish/enter into business relation with you. 建立业务关系。

8.We are enjoying an excellent reputation.


9.We are looking forward to your earlier reply/receving your reply. 我们期待你的早日回复。

10.We would appreciated your early reply.


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第二篇:外贸函电英语 带讲解 24600字

今天的题目是: Self-introduction


Dear Sirs,

We owe your name and address to the Commercial Counsellor's Office of the Swedish Embassy in Beijing who have informed us that you are in the market for Textiles.

We avail ourselves of this opportunity to approach you for the establishment of trade relations with you.

We are a state-operated corporation, handling both the import and export of Textiles. In order to acquaint you with our business lines, we enclose a copy of our Export List covering the main items suppliable at present.

Should any of the items be of interest to you, please let me know. We shall be glad to give you our lowest quotations upon receipt of your detailed requirements.

In our trade with merchants of various countries, we always adhere to the principle of equality and mutual benefit. It is our hope to promote, by joint efforts, both trade and friendshp to our mutual advantage.

We look forward to receiving your enquiries soon.

Yours faithfully,


. owe ...... to ...... 把.....归功于......

例句: We owe your name and address to .......

2. Commercial Counsellor's Office 商务参赞处

3. be in the market for 想要购买....

例句: We are in the market for Groundnuts.

be in the market 要买或卖

例句: Please advise us when you are in the market.

4. avail oneself of ...... 利用.....

例句: We avail ourselves of this opportunity to express our thanks to you for your close cooperation.

5. approach v. 与......接洽

例句: We have been approached by several buyers for the supply of walnuts.

6. state-operated corporation 国营公司

7. handle v. 经营

例句: This shop handles paper and stationery.

8. acquaint sb. with sth. 使某人了解某事

例句: You will have to acquaint us with the details.

9. line n. 行业 ; (一类)货色

例句: We have been for many years in the chemical line.

This is a good line of hardware.

10. enclose v. 随函附上

例句: We enclose a copy of our pricelist.

Please refer to the pricelist enclosed with (or : in) our letter of August 5.

Enclosed please find a copy of our pricelist.

(Or: Please find enclosed a copy of our pricelist.)

We believe you will find the enclosed interesting.

enclosure n. 附件 (信内有附件时,常用 Encl. 或 Enc. 注明与信末坐下角,如例文.)

例句: We thank you for your letter of April 15 with enclosures.

11. covering 包括......的 , 涉及......的 , 有关......的

例句: Please let us have your pricelist covering your typewriters.

12. sth. be of interest to sb. 使感兴趣 , 有兴趣

例句: This article is of special interest to us.

注意区分: sb. be interested in sth.

13. upon (or : on) receipt of 收到......后 (即......)

例句: On (or : Upon) receipt of your instrucions we will send the goods.

14. requirement n. 需要 ; 需要之物

例句: We can meet your requirements for (or: of) Walnutmeat.

15. trade n. 贸易 ; 行业

例句: They have been in the wool trade for quite a number of years.

trade v. 从事贸易 ; 做生意 ; 经营

例句: They trade in cotton piece goods with many countries.

16. adhere to = stick to 忠于 ; 坚持

例句: We always adhere to our commitments.

17. principle of equality and mutual benefit 平等和互利的原则

18. both trade and friendship to our mutual advantage 对双方都有利的贸易和友谊

经典句子: (曾经我尝试过在我客户的身上运用此句子,收到的效果不错.)

It is our hope to promote,by joint efforts,both trade and friendship to our mutual advantage.

函电 (2) ------ A

今天例文的题目是: (今天会有两封信,因为有一封是回信)

(A) Request for the establishment of business relations


Dear sirs,

Having obtained your name and address from Messrs. Anderson & Co.,Rotterdam,we are writing you in the hope of establishing business relations with you.

We have been importers of Arts & Crafts for many years. At present,we are interested in various kinds of Chinese Arts and Crafts and should appreciate your catalogues and quotations.

If your prices are in line,we trust important business can materialize.

We are looking forward to receiving your early reply.

Yours faithfully,

函电 (2) ------ B

(B) A reply to the above

Dear sirs,

We thank you for your letter of the 3rd this month and shall be glad to enter into business relations with your firm.

Complying with your request,we are sending you under separate cover our latest catalogues and pricelist covering our exports.

Payment should be made by an irrevocable and confirmed letter of credit.

If you find business possible,please cable us for offers.

Yours faithfully,

1. obtain v. 获得

例句: We regret to say we cannot obtain any interest.

例文中的 Having obtained ...... from ...... 也是一句向对方表达如何获得对方联系方式的句型. (今天学的是第二句)

还记得昨天学的第一句表达如何取得对方联系方式的句子吗? We owe your ...... to ...... 这些句型是在你向初次联系的客户发邮件时可使用的好句子,这样,客人就不会觉得你的联系太突然了.

2. appreciate v. 感谢,感激 ; 理解,体会

例句: We highly appreciate your kind cooperation.

We shall appreciate your giving this matter your serious consideration.

We shall appreciate it if you will send us a brochure and two sample books by air immediately.

We hope you will appreciate our position.

这是一个在函电里用的频率比较高的一个词, 这个词的好的运用会使你的信件增添一份美.

3. in line (with) = in agreement (with) ------- mean : suitable

例句: If your price is in line,we can take large quantities.

4. materialize v. 实现

例句: We hope the business will eventually materialize.


5. enter into ph.v. 开始(某种关系、事业、谈判等) ;缔结(契约等)

例句:We wish to enter into business relations with your corporation for the supply of light industrial products.

We expect to enter into (=begin) business talks with them next week.

6. comply (with) vi. 依照,符合

例句: We hope you will be able to comply with our request.

This offer does not comply with our requirements.

表示 “ 按照...... ; 和......一致" 意思的,除了 comply with 外, 还有 in compliance with , in line with , in accordance with , in comformity with .

7. under separate cover 另邮 , 另寄

也可以说 by separate mail ; 如附在信里则用 under cover (随函) 或 enclose (见上一个例文).

例句: We are sending you catalogue under separate cover. = We are sending you catalogue by seperate mail.

We are sending you under cover a copy of pricelist. = We are enclosing a copy of our pricelist.

8. cable v. 打电报

注意: cable sb. sth. 把某事物电达给某人

cable sb. for sth. 向某人电索某事物

例句: Please cable us offers.

Please cable us for offers.

cable n. 电报

例句: Please make us an offer by cable. = Please make us an offer by telegram.

Please make us a cable offer. = Please make us a telegraphic offer.

函电 (3)

今天例文的题目是: Transferring Business Relations


Dear sirs,

Your letter of 1st August addressed to our Shanghai Branch Office has been passed on to us for attention and reply, as the captioned goods lie within the scope of our business activities.

We regret to inform you, however, that this particular line has already been represented by ABC & Co., Ltd., 144 Broad Street, Alexandria, Egypt. As a result, we are not in a position to supply you with the goods but would rather recomment that you approach them direct for your requirements.

If you are interested in any other items, please let us know and we shall be only too pleased to make you offers.

Yours truly,

cc ABC & Co., Ltd., Alexandria, Egypt

1. enamelled copper wire 漆包线

2. pass on ph. v. 传递 , 转交

例: We will pass on your decision to the buyers.

3. captioned adj. 标题项下的 , 标题所说的

例: We are pleased to advise you that the captioned goods were shipped yesterday per s.s. Pearl.

caption n. 标题

例: We have noted your letter of August 6 under the above caption.

4. lie within the scope of our business activities 属于我们的经营范围

5. regret v. 抱歉 , 惋惜 , 引为遗憾 + sth. / doing sth. / to do / that ...

例: We very much regret our inability to comply with your wishes.

We regret being unable to offer you this article at present.

We regret to note (or : learn) that you cannot make any headway with our offers.

We regret that the business has fallen through.

regret n. 抱歉 , 遗憾

例: Much to our regret,we are unable to even shade the price.

6. be in a position to 能够

例: We are not in a position to take on new business at present.

7. resommend v. 推荐 , 劝告 , 建议 + n. / doing sth. / sb. to do / that

例: We strongly recommend acceptance for our stocks are running low.

We recommend buying a small quantity for trial.

We recommend you to buy a small quantity for trial.

8. be only too pleased to ... 十分乐于......

Supplement of Unit 1 (A)

前三篇例文讲的主要大主题是: Establishing Business Relations

现在就是三篇例文里总结出来的和补充进去的 Some Useful Sentences :

1. We owe your name and address to ... who have informed us that you are in the market for ...

2. On the recommendation of Messers. ... , we have learned with pleasure the name of your firm and shall be glad to enter into business relations with you.

3. Your firm has been recommended to us by ...

4. Having had your name and address from ... , we now avail ourselves of this opportunity to write to you with a view to entering into business relations with your coporation.

5. Your name and address have been passed on to us by ... , and we are glad to forward to you this introductory letter, hoping that it will be the prelude to mutually beneficial relations between us.

Supplement of Unit 1 (B)

6. We are willing to enter into business relations with your firm on the basis of equality and mutual benefit and exchanging what one has for what one needs.

7. We wish to introduce ourselves to you as a state-operated corporation dealing exclusively in ...

8. Being specialized in the export of ... , we express our desire to trade with you in this line.

9. Our lines are mainly ...

10. We have lately received a number of shipment from ... and found among them some parcels of ... bearing your shipping marks. These commodities have proved to be of satisfactory quality, and therefore we should be interested in regular supplies from you direct.

Supplement of Unit 1 (C)

11. To acquaint you with the ... we handle, we are sending you, by seperate airmail, a commodity list and several sample books for your reference.

12. In order to give you some idea of various qualities of ... we have for export, we take pleasure in forwarding you by air one catalogue and a few sample books for your perusal.

13. In order to promote business between us, we are airmailing you samples under separate cover for your inspection.

14. We are glad to note from your letter of ... that you are desirous of entering into direct business relations with us.

15. We thank you for your letter of ... offering your services and should be glad to discuss the possibility of expanding trade with you.

16. We very much regret that we are not in a position to supply you with ... direct, as we are already represented by Messrs. ... for the sales of this commodity in your district. We would advise you to approach them direct for your requirements.

1. 得知消息:

We owe your name to ...

On the recommendation of ...

Having obtained ... from ...

We have learned from ...

Your company has been kindly introduced by ...

2. 经营:

handle / trade in / deal in / be in the line of / specialize in

3. 有兴趣:

sb. be of interested in sth. / sth. be of interested to sb. / appeal to

4. 建立关系:

enter into / establish / set up

5. 价钱合理:

in line / suitable / acceptable / workable

函电 (4) ------ A

今天进入第二个主题: Enquiries & Offers


1. 在给对方写信时,在要提起某个问题来回答时,常有 "关于(你方的要求),至于......" ,那可用的词组有哪些呢?

as to / as for / in regard to / regarding / referring to / in respect of / concerning

2. offer n. & v. 的用法:

1) Your offer of ...

2) 常与动词 make , cable , send 连用

3) 常与介词 for , of , on 搭配

3. Enquiry / Inquiry :

An enquiry must be acknowledged in terms that establish good will if an immediate sale is not possible. If it is from an old customer,say how much you appreciate it ; if it is from a new customer,say you are glad to receive it and express the hope of keeping up friendly business relationship.

1) a general inquiry 普通询盘

general information : a catalogue , pricelist , sample , photo

2) a specific inquiry 具体询盘

detail information : name of the commodity , specification , quantity , unit price (CIF,FOB,etc.) , shipment date , terms of payment

4. Offer :

1) non-firm offer 虚盘

Non-firm offers are usually indicated by means of sending catalogues, pricelists, proforma invoices and quotation ; though quotations with certain qualifying words sometimes play the function of firm offers.

2) firm offer 实盘

A firm offer is made when a seller promises to sell goods at a stated price within a stated period of time. The promise may be expressed (i.e. clearly stated in words), as when it takes the form of a letter ; or it may be implied (i.e. understood), as when it takes the form of a quotation that contains the words "for acceptance within seven days", or similar qualifying words.

The firm offer creates a power of acceptance permitting the offeree by accepting the offer, to transform the offeror's promise into a contractual obligation. Thus, once it has been accepted it cannot be withdrawn.

3) A satisfactory offer will include the following:

a) an expression of thanks for the enquiry, if any ;

b) names of commodities , quality , quantity and specifications ;

c) details of prices , discounts and terms of payment ;

d) a statement or clear indication of what the prices cover (e.g. packing , freight and insurance) ;

e) packing and date of delivery ;

f) the period for which the offer is valid.

函电 (4) ------ B

今天例文的题目是: An Enquiry for Chinese Cotton Piece Goods


Dear sirs,

We are glad to note from your letter of 1st September that , as exporters of Chinese Cotton Piece Goods , you are desirous of entering into direct business relations with us. This happens to coincide with our desire.

At present, we are interested in Printed Shirting and shall be pleased to receive from you by airmail catalogues, sample books and all necessary information, regarding these goods so as to acquaint us with the quality and workmanship of your supplies. Meanwhile, please quote us your lowest price, C.I.F. Vancouver, inclusive of our 5% commission, stating the earliest date of shipment.

Should your price be found competitive and delivery date acceptable, we intend to place a large order with you.

We trust you will give us an early reply.

Yours faithfully,

函电 (4) ------ 注解 A


1. note v. 注意到

例: We note from your letter that you are in the market for chemicals.

2. be desirous of 渴望 , 想要 + doing sth. / sth.

例: We are desirous of entering into (or : to enter into) direct business relations with you.

desire n. & v. 期望 , 渴望 ; 要求 , 请求

例: They have no desire to buy anything at the moment.

What do you desire us to do?

3. coincide v. (意见等) 一致 ; (时间上) 相同

一般搭配为 coincide with

例: We are glad that our ideas coincide.

Your enquiry coincided with our offer.

4. catalogue n. 目录 (本)

单页的商品说明书称为 leaflet.

函电 (4) ------ 注解 B

5. workmanship 做工

6. regarding prep. 关于

与 with regard to , in regard to , as regards 同义,一般可以换用.

例: We have already written to you regarding this matter.

7. supply n. 供应

例: Supply now exceeds demand on our market. (供大于求)

The goods are in short (scarce , light , free , abundant , ample) supply.

We are replenishing supply (or : supplies).

8. inclusive adj. 包括......的 ( inclusive of = including ; exclusive of = not including)

例: This offer (or: price) is inclusive of your commission of 2%.

(= This offer (or : price) includes your commission of 2%.)

This applies to Items 1 to 10 inclusive.

函电 (4) ------ 注解 C

9. competitive adj. 有竞争力的

例: Our price is competitive enough to induce business.

compete v. 竞争

例: We have to compete against (or : with) other countries in trade.

competition n. 竞争

例: To enable us to meet competition, you must quote the lowest possible price.

competitor n. 竞争者

例: Competitors are offering lower prices.

10. place v. 置......于 ; 订购 ; 售出

"给某人下单,给某人定货" 为 place order with sb.

例: If you cannot effect shipment in time, you will place us in an awkward position.

If your price is competitive, we shall be glad to place a substantial order with you.

If your price is right, we believe we can place additional quantities in our market.

函电 (5) ------ A


好,今天的第一篇例文的题目是: A " First " Enquiry


Dear sirs,

We learn from Spett. Ditta Fratelli of Rome that you are producing for export hand-made golves in a variety of natural leathers. There is a steady demand here for gloves of high quality and although sales are not particularly high. good prices are obtained.

Will you please send me a copy of your glove catalogue, with details of your prices and terms of payment. I should find it most helpful if you could also supply samples of the various skins of which the gloves are made.

Yours faithfully,

函电 (5) ------ B


Dear sirs,

We welcome your enquiry of 22nd August and thank you for your interest in our products. A copy of our illustrated catalogue is being sent to you today, with samples of some of the skins we regularly use in our manufactures. Unfortunately, we cannot send you immediately a full range of samples, but you may take it that such leathers as chamois and doeskin, not represented in the parcel, are of the same high quality.

Mr Wang, our overseas director, will be in Rome early next month and will be pleased to call on you. He will have with him a wide range of our manufactures and when you see them we think you will agree that the quality of the material used and high standard of craftmanship will appeal to the most selective buyer.

We also manufacture a wide range of hand-made leather hand-bags in which we think you may be interested. They are fully illustrated in the catalogue and are of the same high quality as our gloves. Mr Wang will be able to show you samples when he calls.

We look forward very much to the pleasure of receiving an order from you.

Yours faithfully,

函电 (5) ------ 注解

1. supply sb. with sth.

supply sth. to sb.

2. manufacture n. (单数) 制造 , 生产 ; (复数) 制造品 , 产品

如: They are engaged in the manufacture of plastics.

They sell their various manufactures locally.

manufacture v. 制造 , 生产

如: Your order is being manufactured and will soon be ready for shipment.

manufacturer n. 制造工厂 , 制造者

如: We have already bought the goods from another manufacturer.

3. be made of (看得到原材料的)

be made from (看不到原材料的)

4. illustrated adj. 有插图的

5. range n. 范围

a full range 全套的 a wide range 大量的

如: We can supply carpets in a wide range of designs.

6. chamois n. (单复数同形) 小羚羊 ; 羚羊皮 ; 麂皮

7. doeskin n. 母鹿皮

8. appeal to ph. v. 引起好感 , 引起兴趣

如: We trust this new product of ours will appeal to your market.

9. selective buyer 善于挑剔的买住 , 有眼力的买主

" 挑剔的 " 还有 picky , fussy

函电 (6) ------ A

今天的例文的题目是: (A) An Enquiry for Iron Nails


Dear sirs,

We are interested to buy large quantities of Iron Nails of all sizes and should be obliged if you would give us a quotation per metric ton C.F.R. Lagos,Nigeria.

It would also be appreciated if samples and/or brochure could be forwarded to us.

We need to purchase this article from other sources but we now prefer to buy from your corporation because we are given to understand you are able to supply large quantities at more attractive prices. Besides,we have confidence in the quality of Chinese products.

We look forward to hearing from you by return.

Yours faithfully,

函电 (6) ------ B

(B) A Reply to the Above

Dear sirs,

In reply to your letter of August 15, we are giving you an offer, subject to our final confirmation, as follows:

Commodity : Common Round Iron Wire Nails

Specifications : As per attached list

Packing : Loose in plywood keg of 60 kgs. net

Quantity : 100 kegs

Price : US $ ... net per keg CFR Lagos

Shipment : September / October, 20..

Payment : Confirmed, Irrevocable Letter of Credit payable by draft

at sight to be opened 30 days before the time of shipment

Under separate cover, we have sent you samples of various sizes and the brochure required.

If you find the above acceptable, please cable us for confirmation.

Yours faithfully,


函电 (6) ------ 注解 A


1. be obliged 感激 (陈腐的客套语) = be appreciated

如: We shall be obliged if you will cable us an offer.

Your prompt reply will oblige.

2. brochure n. 小册子 (法语)

相当于英语的 pamphlet.

3. be given to understand = be informed

如: We are given to understand that you deal in brushes of all kinds.

4. have confidence in sb. / sth.

5. by return 立即 , 收信后立即


函电 (6) ------ 注解 B

6. in reply to (= in answer to) 为答复......

如: This is in reply (or: answer) to your letter of August 25.

7. subject to 以......为条件的 , 以......为有效

如: The offer is subject to confirmation.

The plan is subject to the manager's approval.

8. as per ph. prep. 按照 (仅用语商业书信)

如: We handle a wide range of light industrial products as per list enclosed.

9. net adj. 净的 (英国习惯写作 nett)

net price 实价 , 净价 (不含佣金或折扣)

net weight 净重 (不包括皮重)

net profit 净利 , 纯益

函电 (6) ------ 注解 B

6. in reply to (= in answer to) 为答复......

如: This is in reply (or: answer) to your letter of August 25.

7. subject to 以......为条件的 , 以......为有效

如: The offer is subject to confirmation.

The plan is subject to the manager's approval.

8. as per ph. prep. 按照 (仅用语商业书信)

如: We handle a wide range of light industrial products as per list enclosed.

9. net adj. 净的 (英国习惯写作 nett)

net price 实价 , 净价 (不含佣金或折扣)

net weight 净重 (不包括皮重)

net profit 净利 , 纯益

函电 (7)


今天的例文的题目是: A Firm Offer


Dear sirs,

We confirm your cable of 2nd September asking us to make you firm offers for both Groundnuts and Walnutmeat CFR Copenhagen. We cabled back this morning, offering you 250 metric tons of Groundnuts, Hand-picked, Shalled and Ungraded at RMB¥1,800 net per metric ton CFR Copenhagen or any other European Main Port for shipment during October / November,1985. This offer is firm, subject to the receipt of reply by us before 25th September.

Please note that we have quoted our most favourable price and are unable to entertain any counteroffer.

As regards Walnutmeat, we would inform you that the few parcels we have at present are under offer elsewhere. However, if you should make us an acceptable bid, there is a possibility of your obtaining them.

As you are aware that there has been lately a large demand for the above commodities, such growing demand has doubtlessly resulted in increased prices. However you may avail yourselves of the advantage of this strengthening market if you will send us an immediate reply.

Yours truly,

函电 (7) ------ 注解 A

1. groundnut 花生

walnutmeat 胡桃肉

2. firm adj. 确定的 , 有效的

如: The offer is firm (for) 3 days.

firm adv. 确定地 , 有效地

如: We offer firm as follows.

We offer you firm subject to reply by 5 p.m. our time, Wednesday, October 3.

firm offer 实盘

non-firm offer 虚盘 (即 offer without engagement / obligation 无约束力的报盘)

3. European Main Ports 常缩写成 EMP.

4. favourable adj. 有效的 , 赞成的

如: We are favourable to your proposal.

The time is not favourable for the disposal of the goods.

函电 (7) ------ 注解 B

5. entertain v. 考虑(引申为接受)

如: We shall be glad to entertain any constructive suggestion you make.

We are too heavily committed to be able to entertain fresh orders.

6. parcel n. 小包 ; 一批货

如: We are sending you a parcel of samples.

商业上常用 parcel 指 "一批货", 相当于 a lot.

如: This is the only parcel left.

7. under offer 在出售中

如: We have only a parcel of 100 tons left, which is under (or : on) offer elsewhere.

8. bid n. & v. 递价 , 出价

如: If we ask the buyers for a bid, probably they will name a low price.

They made a bid at US$... for Walnutmeat.

Last week we bid US$... per ton for Green Tea. Now we can do a little better.

函电 (7) ------ 注解 C

9. aware adj. 意识到的 , 知道的

如: We are fully (or : well) aware of the change in the market.

We are not aware (of) why you have not opened the L/C.

10. lately adv. 最近 , 不久前

如: We have received a crowd of enquires lately (or : recently ; of late).

We received a crowd of enquires lately (or : recently).

11. result in ph. v. 导致 , 终归

如: We confirm cables exchanged resulting in the sale to you of 15 metric tons Licorice.

result from ph. v. 产生于

如: We confirm the sale to you of 15 tons Licorice resulting from cables exchanged.

12. strengthen vt. 加强 vi. 价格上涨

如: We agree to your proposed terms for this transaction in order to strengthen our relations.

The market is strengthening. (= The market is becoming stronger.)

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